Aaron Peirsol

Aaron went to his first Olympics at age 16. He set his first world record at age 17 and hasn’t looked back since. His charm and personality shine through in his own playful way making him a darling of the media. Aaron’s laid back attitude out of the pool doesn’t hold true in the pool where he has become the dominant and possibly the most influential back stroker of all time.


 Aaron won 3 Gold medals at the Games in Athens, sweeping all of the backstroke events, making him one of the top Olympians to watch in 2004. In 2008, he proved himself yet again at the Beijing Olympics when he won the gold medal in the 100 meter backstroke with a world record of 52.54, setting the world record in that event for the fifth time. Peirsol has been undefeated in a 100 meter backstroke final since the 2002 Spring Nationals. In 2008, Aaron also took home a Gold in the 4x100 medley relay and a Silver in the 200m backstroke. He also captured two gold medals at the 2010 MOO Pan Pacific Championships in the 100m back and 400m medley relay. The sky is the limit, but Aaron hopes to use his success to give back to his community through motivational speaking and youth clinics.


 In his spare time, he is earning a degree in Government from the University of Texas and helping protect the world’s oceans as the spokesperson for the clean-ocean advocacy group Oceana with his very own fundraising program called Aaron Peirsol’s Race for the Oceans.

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Our Athletes Love Us


Wow! is all we can say about the event it was wonderful. Ian and Dagny did a fantastic job and were great with the kids and even a month later they are still talking about their visit. Before we new it, it was 2:00 pm and the clinic was over. The kids just soaked everything in the had to say. The both inspired the kids and shared the importance of hard work, nutrition and most importantly their love for the sport.


On behalf of the Scranton Sea Knights swimmers, coaches and parents I would like to thank Josh Davis & Josh Schnieder for an excellent clinic. It was such an honor to have you both at our pool. The kids can’t wait to get back in the water and put all your tips to work. As a parent it is so nice to see and hear elite athletes inspire our children to be the best they can be, with hard work anything is possible. Josh Davis is such a gifted man, you can’t help but be positive when you hear him speak, it’s contagious. Every child left with a huge smile. It was as if it was everyone’s birthday. As for Josh Schnieder, we all felt he did a great job with the kids & his interview. He spoke to them on their level, what a role model! Thanks again, It was awesome.

Coach Amy

The clinic yesterday was awesome. I really enjoyed meeting Christine and Mark. They are great with the kids!